Bridge International School creates an environment where the students and teachers work harmoniously in the conscious pursuit of excellent learning. The school is unique as our students represent a rich multicultural diversity. In almost twenty years of operation, we have gone from strength to strength and established ourselves as a leading international school not only in terms of academics but also the space the students are given for hands on activities outside the classroom, to hone their skills. This is both stimulating and challenging for the students.

The school has a peaceful and happy ambience where students can efficiently absorb knowledge and assimilate it. This leads them to be young positive, committed and successful individuals. These bold risk takers and problem solvers are no doubt the future leaders who would ignite a positive change in the nation. We are glad that alumni of the school have got admission in the world- renowned universities across the globe. We hope that this standard will not only be maintained but also improved upon as we promote and celebrate excellence through determination and hard work.

Poonam Mohta
Bridge International School